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There is no one size fits all approach to wealth. We look at your current financial situation and the goals you have set to put together your own blueprint.

Building A Relationship

Building a Relationship

Dedicated Advisors

Understanding Your Goals

Financial Planning for Your Unique Situation

Strategic Investments

Structuring your portfolio based upon your risk tolerance, income needs, time horizons and overall objective.


Monitoring Progress

Continuous Monitoring of Financial Situation to Ensure That Your Goals Are on Track

Our Mission

At Wela Strategies, we have a simple mission: Helping Families find peace of mind To and Thru Retirement.

We are committed to building a relationship with our clients based on trust and using our time and talents to help our clients discover their financial goals and how to implement strategies for success.

We want to be there for you when you need us, to help you and your family achieve and maintain financial freedom during all stages of life.

All investments involve risks, including possible loss of principal. An Advisor’s judgment about markets, interest rates or the attractiveness, relative values, liquidity, or potential appreciation of particular investments is important to the portfolio accomplishing its goals. The portfolio could experience losses if these judgments prove to be incorrect. Stock prices fluctuate, sometimes rapidly and dramatically, due to factors affecting individual companies, particular industries or sectors, or general market conditions. For stocks paying dividends, dividends are not guaranteed, and can increase, decrease or be totally eliminated without notice. Fixed-income securities involve interest rate, credit, inflation, and reinvestment risks; and possible loss of principal. As interest rates rise, the value of fixed-income securities falls. Global investing can involve additional risks, such as the risk of currency fluctuations. Diversification can reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of loss. Please see our ADV Part 2, Item 8 for more information about investing risk.  Past performance does not guarantee future results

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