Matt Reiner’s New Book Helps Financial Advisors Find Their Value and Grow Their Businesses

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ATLANTA, Georgia, August 24, 2021 – Today, Matt Reiner is proud to announce the publication of his new book, Doctor Cole Cash Will See You Now. Released by Redwood Publishing, Reiner’s new book is the first in a series of four fables written to help financial advisors leverage their inherent worth and continue to grow in their businesses. Doctor Cole Cash Will See You Now is based on Matt’s own experience as a financial advisor and industry leader.

“I’ve noticed a troubling trend in the industry over the last several years,” says Reiner. “With the advent of consumer-facing investment platforms, financial advisors have been facing an identity crisis. When the general public fails to see your value, you’re facing fee compression, and you’re constantly getting questioned about whether you can beat the S&P, it’s difficult to really put a fine point on your value. I wrote this book as a fable in the same vein as Who Moved My Cheese, to inspire advisors to recognize their value and effectively communicate their worth. The human advisor is never going away because of the emotions around money – emotions that can’t be managed by technology.”

Reiner’s first fable in this series focuses specifically on the emotional behavior of clients and how a good financial advisor helps clients navigate those emotions. According to Reiner, “I always tell clients that 90% of my job is a counselor and only 10% is managing money. My clients pay me to help them build a plan and then keep them on track to reach their life goals, not just their financial goals. They pay me for my experience, because I’ve seen how thousands of other people have planned, and I can relate those experiences to them. Chances are, I’ve seen their situation before, and I can offer them objective advice based on experience, not emotion.”

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This book is full of insights and research, highlighting the irrationality of humans as related to money. This fun, light-hearted book, told in a number of allegories by the fictional Dr. Cash, is meant to be enjoyed by financial advisors and also to help the general public understand their emotional financial behaviors and recognize the benefits of a financial advisor. The book is available today via Amazon.

About Matt Reiner: An experienced thought leader and sought-after industry speaker, Matt has been a featured guest at top financial industry events and is a frequently quoted source for outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor Magazine, Medium, Think Advisor, and Advisor Perspectives. In 2021, Reiner was named as one of InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 and to the Investopedia 100. For more information, visit

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