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    • Our Models

      Monday, 24 September 2012 6:54   admin


      Our income models focus on income generation with a secondary focus on capital preservation. With the strategic allocation decisions within fixed income, closed-end funds and alternative sources of income, the Wela Investment Committee strives for a 5% – 7% yield in this portfolio.


      The balanced models include OYA 40, OYA 50 and OYA 60. These are more broad allocations relative to the growth allocations and look to gain an edge on their respective benchmarks via strategic shifts among macro areas of the market. These models work well for individuals who have some tolerance for risk but are trying to grow their asset base for retirement.
      OYA 40 | OYA 50 | OYA 60


      Within the growth allocation we have the all-growth OYA 20 and OYA 30 models, which are geared more towards investors with an ability and willingness to take on risk. Wela implements their specialty sector rotation strategy within these models and makes macro decisions as to which areas of the market to over- and under-weight.
      ALL GROWTH | OYA 20 | OYA 30