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A new car, that’s more than free

Seriously, that’s not a typo. Here’s why the Nissan Leaf is essentially “free” in Georgia, and this isn’t even accounting for what you’ll save on…

Get Out Of Debt

We’ve all been there. Things get crazy in life, and you think, “Well, I’ll just put this on my credit card for now. It won’t…

Wela Whip: Weed to the Rescue, Tesla’s Losing Energy, Apple’s Beat

Sign up to have the Wela Whip delivered every Friday to your inbox here! Weed to the rescue! I really don’t find this too shocking,…

Budget for taxes, savings and life

Last week I shared the sobering news that when you add up the taxes you pay to the feds, payroll tax, Georgia state, etc., you’re…

It’s Not How Long You Save, It’s How Early You Start

This is a picture of when compounding mistakes finally crumble…. This was during that two day interview where Lance Armstrong opened up to none other…

Wela Whip: A Not so Sterling Reputation, No More Viagra, The Criminoles are at it Again

A not so Sterling reputation As an 80-year old real estate mogul has found out the hard way, if you don’t have anything nice to…

The Atlanta Braves Experience – VIP versus Budget-Conscious

It’s that time of the year again in Braves Country where you can’t stand around a water-cooler without hearing someone say that they’re attending a…

Don’t Miss This Dream!

You have worked hard today, it’s time to take a break. We all love to dream about all our fantasies coming true.  For women, it…

Wela Whip: Slicing Up The Apple Pie, Proud to be an American, The Sopranos versus House of Cards

Slicing up the Apple pie Getting a piece of your favorite apple pie just got a bit easier. Apple, unexpectedly decided to split their stock…

The ABCs of High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading, otherwise known as HFT, has become a huge buzzword since Michael Lewis’ 60 Minutes interview on March 30. In the interview, Lewis…

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