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    • Leading ETF Manager, Morningstar, Inc. Highlights Wela Strategies

      Monday, 29 April 2013 17:08   admin

      Today Morningstar released the next piece in their series providing focused profiles on different segments of the ETF managed portfolio universe. This series uses the Universe and Asset Breadth attributes as a starting filter. This piece is focused on Global (Universe) Balanced (Asset Breadth) strategies, and Wela’s Own Your Age suite is highlighted as a exemplary model on allocation strategy.

      Morningstar writes:

      Retirement is another focus of many of the global balanced strategies, broadening the appeal to a wide array of clients. Wela Strategies, for example, offers allocation strategies modeled after the immensely popular target-date mutual funds. The Own Your Age suite includes nine strategies in all (ranging from ages 20 to 70, corresponding to a client’s current age, and including All Growth, Conservative Yield, and Aggressive Yield strategies). Allocations are based on life stage and change as time passes. Three of the nine are global balanced strategies (40, 50, and 60) because of their life cycle portfolios that are fairly balanced between equity and fixed-income ETFs.